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Login with crypto wallets - Metamask

Metamask is one of the most used cryptographic wallets. It’s used to store your cryptographic assets like NFT, bitcoin etc. Today we’ll see how to build a secure “login with metamask” workflow.

Hasura - Actions and Declarative transformations

The Latest updates in Hasura graphql engine lets us create custom graphql endpoints with custom transformations without writing any code. If there are any transformations required, it can be defined with Hasura’s JSON templating language called Kriti.

Make any app NLP ready using! is an NLP engine owned by Facebook which makes it easy for developers to build bots or use NLP based custom features for various use cases for any app easily.

Actions On Google as a CMS

What’s ”Actions on Google”? It’s a platform to build apps for Google Assistant. With it you can publish your app in google assistant platform and people can use your app through google assistant running on their phone or smart home devices like google home.

Corona Stats | Count Over Timeline

2 years before, during pandemic peak time I got this idea of creating an animated line chart that shows corona stats across countries or states in India over a moving timeline, like a playback of days.

Whatsapp Hackernews Bot

Wait, What?? Yea you heard it right, this time we’re gonna try and build a chatbot for WhatsApp. The challenge is WhatsApp doesn’t provide any integrations API of that kind.